Editorial Board

Editor in chief
Laurent Beauguitte

Publishing board
Claire Lagesse
Serge Lhomme
Marion Maisonobe
Silvia Marzagalli
Pierre Mercklé (2017-2018)

Editorial Board
Provisory list
Wolfgang Alschner
Pierre-Yves Beaurepaire
Fabien Eloire
Béatrice Milard
Raphaelle Nollez-Goldbach
Yannis Panagis
Christophe Prieur
Marlène Sapin
Fabien Tarissan
Vincent Traag

Third Circle
Bertrand Jouve
Emmanuel Lazega
Claire Lemercier
Karl Van Meter

English Translator
Valentine Leys

The Publishing Board is responsible for the editorial policy, for liaising with the authors (feedback on evaluation, support with access to data, etc.) and for the day-to-day management of the journal. The Editorial Board is responsible for internal and external peer review of the papers submitted to the journal. The members of the Publishing and Editorial Boards are on a four-year mandate, renewable once only. They may not publish or co-publish any academic papers in ARCS. They can however suggest some works for review, theme-based calls for proposals, presentations on resources, etc. The third circle comprises of associates who may advise on the journal’s scientific policy.