Evaluation Grid


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Necessary fields present (abstract in French and English, keywords in French and English).

The article is written in clear, correct language (spelling, grammar, syntax).

Text structure is clear.

The problem is clearly stated.

The conceptual framework is explicit.

Data are presented in sufficient detail.

The methodological approach is clearly presented.

Results are clearly presented.

The text is comprehensible to someone from another discipline.

Additional comments

ILLUSTRATIONS (if applicable)

Illustrations are referred to in the text.

Illustrations serve the author's demonstration.

Illustrations are of good quality (aesthetic and technical).

Additional comments


The bibliography is relevant (with no major gaps or unnecessary additions).

The bibliography is rigorously written (completeness and consistency of entries).

Additional comments

DATA (if relevant)

The author provides documented data.

The data provided is in a free format.

The author provides commented scripts.

The scripts provided can be used with free software.

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In your opinion, this proposal should be: rejected; accepted with requests for major modifications; accepted with requests for minor modifications; published as is.