Editorial charter

Editorial charter of ARCS (Analyse de Réseaux pour les Sciences Sociales / Network Analysis for Social Sciences) journal

ARCS is a multi-disciplinary academic journal dedicated to network analysis in human and social sciences. Its Editorial Committee is responsible for the scientific and editorial quality of the journal’s contents.

Our editorial policy is governed by the following principles: respecting the readers and the author(s)’ scientific work; and promoting free access to and the reproducibility of research methods.


ARCS offers free and open access to its articles. The papers are published under the free Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. The Editorial Committee supports and accompanies the author(s) in making the data they used for their article available to the community.

ARCS encourages gender neutrality in academic writing. The authors will find information regarding gender-neutral writing at the following address: http://writingcenter.unc.edu/handouts/gender-inclusive-language/.


The journal is committed to reviewing article proposals within a 3-month period from the date of reception.

The author(s) must declare to ARCS all funding and subsidies the research used in the article has benefited from. The author(s) must also disclose any conflict of interest they might be aware of.

The editors of ARCS reserve the right to publish under an article any reactions, responses or comments that might have been submitted to them.

The readers are invited to inform ARCS of any factual errors or any contents that might infringe on more general ethical or legal principles. A form is available to them and can be accessed from all articles from the button “Signaler un problème” (“Reporting a problem”).


The members of the Editorial Committee are in place for a four-year period, renewable once only.