Laurent Nabias - Constellations of kinship in the medieval nobility of Île-de-France (1000-1440)

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Constellations of kinship in the medieval nobility of Île-de-France (1000-1440)

Authors: Laurent Nabias

    This article provides a detailed description of the network of alliances and the matrimonial constellations established from 1000 to 1440 between noble “topolineages” of the upper, middle and low nobility in the Île-de-France (Paris region), with the aim of understanding their marital strategies. For these topolineages, the aim was to ensure the reproduction of aristocratic domination in a context where new actors emerged, including recently ennobled individuals who were aggregated to the existing nobility. Using the Puck software, the author carries out a systematic exploration of alliances and realliances formed through affinity and inbreeding in order to identify the role played by kinship in solidarities. Datasets stored on the Kinsource platform are used to build dated graphs of these networks, highlighting alliances and consanguineous marriages. The development of network patterns makes it possible to identify expansions of matrimonial components, as well as the interruption of their expansion around 1290. Computer analysis shows that aristocrats looked for their spouses within authorized boundaries, and did not hesitate to reproduce past unions between the same lineages as long as the generational gap between the common ancestors and the spouses complied with canonical laws.

    Section: Varia
    Published on: June 11, 2018
    Accepted on: June 11, 2018
    Submitted on: October 8, 2017
    Keywords: renchaînement,Puck ,parenté,noblesse médiévale,circuit matrimonial,[SHS.HIST]Humanities and Social Sciences/History,[SHS.STAT]Humanities and Social Sciences/Methods and statistics

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